هـي آه... بـلدنا لا

Egyptian bloggers will hold a "wedding party" in Talaat Harb Sq., Friday 4 May, 6pm, to celebrate the marriage of our future president Gamal Mubarak to the lovely Khadiga, which will be held simultaneously in Sharm el-Sheikh. The bloggers' protest party will be held under the slogan: "Heyya ah! Baladna La!" (basically: Go and marry her, but don't marry our country!" Click on the banner below to read more details in Arabic. وتكون آخر الأ�را� Mabrouk lil 3aroussein.
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Final Schedule: 5th Cairo Anti-War Conference and 3rd Cairo Social Forum جدول الندوات واللقاءات بمؤتمر القاهرة الخامس والمنتدى الإجتماعي الثالث

The final schedule for the Conference and Forum meetings is now available in Arabic and English. Click on the poster below to download it... Time table of the Cairo Conference I'll be speaking in two meetings. The first is on the fight against police torture in Egypt... Sorry, some last-minute rearrangements... I won't be speaking at the anti-torture forum. Blogojournalist and friend Abdel Moneim will be kindly replacing me. Cairo 3rd Social Forum Raise your Voices against Torture Activists against Torture Friday 30th of March 2007 3.30 – 6.00 pm Press Syndicate – 3rd floor Slide show: Victims and Tormentors Interventions by activists against torture Testimonies by survivors and their families Join us with testimonies and recommendations for an international movement against torture منتدى مناهضة التعذيب And the other one on "Citizen Journalism," scheduled Saturday, 6pm, at the Press Sydicate 4th floor, Room 5.. I'll be speaking on the Egyptian blogosphere, part of the following forum: "Young Journalists: State Oppression and Violation of Economic Rights, Saturday from 3.30-5.30 pm, The Press Syndicate's 4th floor, Room 4 Blogs and political change in Egypt The conference should be a golden opportunity for us ya shabab to exchange experiences with international and local activists. I hope to see as many of you there. Click on the cartoon below to download the invitation and a background on the conference in Arabic, English, and French... Invitation to the 5th Cairo Conference & 3rd Cairo Social Forum
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Monday: NYC Anti-Mubarak Protest

Egyptian activists in New York City are organizing a demonstration against Mubarak's dictatorial constitutional amendments, Monday 26 March, in front of the Egyptian Consulate, from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. NYC to demonstrate against Mubarak The Egyptian Consulate in NYC is located at 1110 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10022. For more information, contact Shehab Fakhry: shehabfakhry [at] yahoo [dot] com, 917-392-9408
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Press Conf 22 March: Organizers of 5th Cairo Conference Against Imperialism & Zionism

The organizers of the Fifth Cairo Conference Against Imperialism and Zionism invite you to attend their press conference, 22 March, 12 noon, at the Press Syndicate. Representatives from the Muslim Brothers, Karama Party, The Revolutionary Socialists' Organization, Labor Party will brief journalists and activists on the international gathering of anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist activists planned from 29 March to 1 April, and will take questions from the audience. Activists from at least 15 countries, including Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Venezuela, South Korea, Turkey, Greece, Nigeria, Britain, Canada, Tunisia, Sudan, France, Iran, will be taking part in the conference sessions and forums, starting from 29 March. Such international contingent will be comprised of young and veteran trade unionists, human rights activists, leftists, Hamas members, several social movements representatives. Click on Latuff's cartoon below to download the invitation to the conference in Arabic, English and French... Click to download invitation The conference sessions will tackle the challenges and prospects facing the international anti-war and pro-Intifada movements, as the clouds of war on Iran gather. The participants will also discuss strategy and tactics for bridging the gap and uniting Islamist and leftist ranks in the face of US imperialism and Zionism. Click on the poster below to download the final shedule of the conference talks and forums (in Arabic)... Click to download schedule Click on the logo below to download the registration form... Registration Form
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El-Adly Video-Gate: Correction and Updates...

I've just spoken now with Nasser Amin, Emad Kabeer's lawyer, and I need to correct a previously posted information, as well as provide a quick update...
Emad tortured by Islam Nabih and Reda Fathi of Boulaq Police Station
The trial of the Boulaq al-Daqrour torturers is NOT starting tomorrow as I posted before. Emad will show up tomorrow in court with his lawyer, but for another case. A judge will look into the charges levelled by the Boulaq police agents at Emad for "resisting authorities and assaulting a police officer." Lawyer Nasser Amin assured me Emad will be aquitted.
Boulaq Torturer Islam Nabih
Meanwhile, Police Captain Islam Nabih and Corporal Reda Fathi, who tortured and sexually abused Emad, are detained in one of the Central Security Forces camp, Nasser added. Their trial will not start at anytime before March, he said.
Egyptian police torture women detainee
On another front, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported today that General Habib el-Adly, the Interior Minister "gave his instructions" to police officials in Cairo and the provinces to try to identify the woman torture victim who appeared in the police brutality video recently leaked by Wael Abbas.
Adly's Interior Ministry Blamed for Police Brutality
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Egypt prosecutor detains officer accused of torture

Great news! The officer who tortured and sexually abused driver Emad Kabeer will be prosecuted. But that will not end the practice. Those are not just "few rotten apples." Mubarak's policing system is classist, abusive, unprofessional and repressive. Still the campaign launched by the Egyptian bloggers and the independent press was strong enough to push the regime to start investigating the case. This sends a powerful message to anyone who's involved in torture: Your victims will not be silent any more...
Click to watch torture video (Disturbing)
Egypt prosecutor detains officer accused of torture 26 Dec 2006 CAIRO, Dec 26 (Reuters) - An Egyptian prosecutor ordered the four-day detention of a police officer accused of sexually assaulting a prisoner, judicial sources said on Tuesday. They said prosecutor Bakr Ahmed Bakr questioned assistant-investigation officer Islam Nabih on Tuesday. He also ordered the detention of Reda Fathi, a non-commissioned officer, for four days. A video circulated on Egyptian blogs last month and sparked uproar. It showed Imad al-Kabir, a bus driver, lying on the floor, naked from the waist down, with his hands bound behind his back and his legs held in the air. He screams and begs as he is sodomised with a stick while those around him, whose faces are not visible, taunt him. Kabir's lawyer has said the torture took place in January 2006 in a police station in Bulaq al-Dakrur after Kabir was detained and beaten for intervening to stop an argument between the police officers and his brother.
أكــــاديمية مبارك للتعذيب
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Candlelight vigil to mark Sudanese refugees massacre

Activists are holding a candle light vigil, Friday 29 December, 6pm, in front of the UNHCR office in Mohandessin, to mark the first the anniversary of the massacre of Sudanese refugees on the hands of the Egyptian Interior Ministry's Central Security Forces.
وق�ة بالشموع �ي ذكري مذب�ة اللاجئين السودانيين
Blogger Nora Younis witnessed the atrocity last year, and wrote her testimony here...
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Solidarity stand with Egyptian Bahaai's

Activists are holding a stand in front of the State Council in Dokki, Saturday 16 December, 10am, in solidarity with Egypt's Bahaai minority, who are suffering state descrimination against them, that includes refusing to issue any official documents to them, since Mubarak's "secular" government requires the religion of the citizen to be mentioned on his/her ID cards. However, the Interior Ministry's computer can only process three entries: Muslim, Christian, Jew. Bahaai's cannot issue birth and death certificates, ID cards, or any govt document, since the Interior Ministry does not recognize they exist.
وقÙ�Ø© اØتجاجية للتضامن مع الــبهائيين

اذا كنت تر�ض التمييز الديني، اذا كنت تؤمن بحقوق المواطنة، اذا كنت تنادي بالتغييــر الجذري ووطن عادل لجميع أبنائه شاركنا الوق�ة التضامنية ضد التمييز السبت 16 ديسمبر 2006 - العاشرة صباحا - مجلس الدولة ندعوكم لمساندة المواطن البهائي المصري حسام عزت محمد موسى مواليد 22 يناير 1965 المهنة مهندس الديانة بهائي بطاقة شخصية رقم 5120 الصادرة عام 1995 من حق الأستاذ حسام استخراج شهادات ميلاد لابنائه وبناته المصريين البهائيين For Background on the subjet, check EIPR's statement...

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ندوة: لبنــــــــان بين السياسة والطائ�ية

The Center for Socialist Studies is organizing a talk on "Lebanon: Between Politics and Sectarianism," Sunday 17 December, 7pm. Speakers include: Dr. Refa'at Seed Ahmad, Director of the Jaffa Center for Studies Engineer Wael Khalil, Socialist activist
لبنان بين السياسة والطائ�ية

ندعوكم لحضور ندوة �ي مركز الدراسات الاشتراكية بعنوان: لبنــــــــان بيـن السـياسة والطـائ�ية يتحدث �يها د. ر�عت سيد أحمد، مدير مركز يا�ا للدراسات والأبحاث وائل خليل، مركز الدراسات الاشتراكية وآخرين

وذلك يوم الأحد 17/12/2006 الساعة7:00 مساء مركز الدراسات الاشتراكية 7 شارع مراد- الجيزة

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Garbage protest

Kefaya is calling up on civil society and environmental activists to join the movement's anti-corruption demo, Sunday 3 December, 1pm, in Matarriya Square to protest the unfair garbage collection fees.
دعوة عامة الى كل القوى الوطنية الشري�ة واحزاب المعارضة ومؤسسات المجتمع المدنى والجمعيات الاهلية وجمعيات حماية البيئةتدعوكم الحركة المصرية من اجل التغيير ك�اية وبمشاركة لجنة الاحياء بالمطرية للمشاركة �ى التظاهرة السلميةالصامتة مظاهرة من اجل عدم د�ع الجباية تحت شعار (الزبالة يامسؤلين زبالة__ لن نسدد �واتير اللصوص) وذلك بميدان المطرية القاهرة يوم الاحد الموا�ق 12/3 الساعة الواحدة ظهرا، اعتراضاً على الزيادة التى �رضتها الدولة على المواطنين البسطاء، ألا وهى مبالغ الاتاوة على �اتورة الكهرباء. ونحن نحترم القانون الذى لايحترمة اللصوص سارقى اموال الشعب المكا�ح البسيط من ابناء الشعب المصرى ولسنا اقل من محا�ظة الجيزة التى حصلت اللجنة الشعبية لحماية المستهلك من الجباية وال�ساد ، والتى استطاعت �ى السابق وبمازرة جماهير الجيزة �ى الحصول على الحكم النهائى بالغاء رسوم النظا�ة المضا�ة على �اتورة الكهرباءونحن نعلن عدم د�ع الاتاوة الى سارقى اموال الشعب العنوان: لوهتركب مترو المتجة الى المرج تنزل �ى محطة مترو حلمية الزيتون وتخرج من ن�س الاتجاة التى الشارع وبجانب كوبرى الحلمية وصولا الى ميدان المطرية لو هتركب اى اتوبيس من اى ميدان العتبة او التحرير او الجيزةاو رمسيس الى ميدان المطرية مباشرة الحركة المصرية من اجل التغيير ك�اية (لجنة حى المطرية ) الاستعلام ت 0104037475
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University professors protest thuggery against students

I received news that leftist academics are holding a protest tomorrow Wednesday, from 11am to 12 noon, at Ain Shams University to protest the state-sponsored thuggery against activist students over the past couple of weeks. The professors will assemble in front of Qasr el-Za'afarana, the university's administration building.
Click to view slideshow of clashes
In recent weeks, Ain Shams University campus has been the scene of bloody clashes between the Free Student Union activists and the security-appointed official Student Union members. The latter brought into campus thugs armed with knives, swords, daggers, molotov cocktails in a terror campign to disrupt the FSU elections and intimidate the activists.
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