Words of Women from the Egyptian revolution

The is the trailer for a documentary film titled Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution. They're fundraising to complete the project. It sheds light on the things many Egyptian women did on the front lines and behind the scenes to support the uprising. It's a nice idea at a time when many complain that women have largely receded from the post-revolution political scene, notably in the formation of political parties.

Bloggingheads with Steve Cook

Steve Cook of the Council of Foreign Relations (whose blog you should follow) and I did am episode of Bloggingheads yesterday. Unfortunately we had tons of technical problems, in part because of the terrible quality of my internet connection yesterday, so we lost some of it — the bit where we discussed the arrest of the Mubaraks. But there's still a lot there about the army, Egypt's foreign policy, its dire economic straits, and more.

Tahrir's rebel officers

A former army officer gathers crowds with slogans against army leaders Hussein Tantawi and Sami Enan on morning after army crackdown on Tahrir Square protest that left at least two dead.

(I shot this on April 9, around 11am). Obviously not all former officers have been arrested, activists say some managed to change out of their uniforms and run away before the army attacked.

If you want to see videos of the April 8 protests, see here.