Links for 08.02.09 to 08.03.09

Liam Stack, Greek Club Civil War, and Developing Developments | Boi boi Liam... Al-Maqdisi’s Online Library of Translated Jihadi Material | Get your jihadi agit-prop in translation... Fatah to reject Israel as Jewish state at congress: document (AFP) | Rightly so. 50 Palestinians evicted from their Jerusalem homes (AP) | "AP - Israeli police evicted two Palestinian families in east Jerusalem on Sunday, then allowed Jewish settlers to move into their homes, drawing criticism from Palestinians, the United Nations and the State Department." Criticism? Cut off their funding! Jewish Tribune - Pepe Le Pew makes aliyah and protects the Jews | Columnist in Canada's Jewish tribune, on protests by International Solidarity Movement for Palestine against Israel's wall: "I personally would recommend use of live ammo on the ‘anarchists'". [Thanks, Saeed]
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