Links for 07.12.09

Iran's rebellious students: Go underground | The Economist | On the continuing restraints on political organization and communication after the protests have died off (well some continue). Trouble in the United Arab Emirates: The perils of autocracy | The Economist | On the UAE's economic troubles and their political consequences. برنامج زيارة الرئيس إلى الولايات المتحدة - بوابة الشروق | Book Review: 'The Attack on the Liberty' by James Scott - | Review of a new book on the USS Liberty. Scoundrel or Statesman? The case of Ely Ould Mohamed Vall « The Moor Next Door | Kal on Ely Ould Mohamed Vall of Mauritania, a presidential hopeful who backed the democratic coup but now opposes the second, not-so-democratic, follow-up coup.
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