Protests against Mubarak nomination

As expected, there will be protests against Mubarak's announcement that he will stand for a fifth six-year term. has announced a demo on Saturday at 6pm in Midan Tahrir. It will be attended by most leftist opposition parties and and the major movements that march under the Kifaya slogan, including Kifaya itself.

Also, don't miss the latest Anthony Shadid piece. He looks at how the Kifaya movement writ large has failed to mobilize the masses against Mubarak but started something that will build up over the next few months and years. Kifaya may not have gotten rid of Mubarak, but there is little doubt that today's speech would have been much less reform-minded if Hosni was not feeling their heat (and, to be fair, America's) on his neck.
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Issandr El Amrani

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