Two more citizens tortured in Arish

Two citizens were tortured by the First Arish Police Station sheriff and his assistant last Thursday, Sinai Leftists are reporting. Mohamed Selim Abdel Meguid Sharif and Islam Mohamed Mohamed Ali were brutalized and sexually abused by the police officers, in a "torture orgy" which started on 1am Thursday 5 October, and lasted for hours till the Dawn Prayers, the Sinai Leftists charged.
No more information is available for now regarding the reasons for the two citizens' arrest, but the Sinai Leftists promised to come forward with the names of the torturers and more details about their cases soon.
Mohamed Sharif, with marks of torture on his body (Picture from Sinai Leftists website)

Mohamed Sharif, with marks of torture on his body (Picture from Sinai Leftists website)

UPDATE: Ali Zalat of Al-Masri Al-Youm wrote Tuesday a frontpage report on the Arish torture cases. It turns out the two young men were standing in the street at midnight, talking, doing nothing, when a police van pulled over, and an officer rudely asked for their IDs. Mohamed presented the officer with his ID; Islam told him his is lost, but he had a receipt for the new ID back at his home, and begged him to allow him to walk home to bring the receipt and the copy of the police report about the loss of his ID card.

That wasn't good enough. The officer levelled insults and all sorts of swearwords against the two young men, and ordered them to get into the police car.

Later in the police station, Mohamed's mobile phone rang, and he did the unforgiven sin of answering it... That's when the police officer went out of his office with an insectiside can, he sprayed both their faces and caused them temporary blindness... brought other soldiers and started a torture orgy, where the two citizens were stripped off their clothes, and whipped with leather belts, sticks, and then sexually abused before they released by dawn...

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