Three detainees released

State Security prosecutor ordered today the release of three pro-democracy detainees: Ahmad Maher, 3adel Fawzi Tawfeeq el-Gazzar, and Yasser Isma3il Zakki.
Also, following a protest by activists in front of the Public Prosecutor's office last Thursday, General Isma3il el-Sha3er, the Cairo Security Director, reportedly sent an enquiry to the prison authorities about Mohamed el-Sharqawi's critical health condition. Sharqawi was transferred today to the Luman Tora Prison hospital at 9am, where he was told that his X-rays, taken on May 28, were "lost" (sic). The doctor took new X-rays of him, and sent Sharqawi, still complaining from chest pains, back to his cell, without treatment or medication.