Sacked activist finally gets his pay cheque

Ahmad el-Droubi woke up in the morning to a postman knocking on his door. When he opened the letter, it was nothing but a sweet cheque from his former employer that had his unpaid salary and consultancy fees.The cheque Droubi received this morning signifies two things: First, it is an implicit acknowledgement from his company that he was unjustly dismissed. Second, it shows campaigning does work! Yes, Droubi wouldn’t have gotten back part of his rights, if it was not for you dear readers.
On behalf of Droubi, I want to thank everyone who expressed their solidarity and support, and for all those who took the time to write the company management protesting the activist’s dismissal. The fight is NOT over though, as there are still unsettled issues here. One: The dismissal is still unjust, and our friend is still unemployed. Two: We still need a financial compensation for this unjust dismissal. So please dear readers, keep those emails to the management coming, till they do the right thing.

Mabrouk ya Droubster.. We hope we'll hear more good news soon.