NYT on Zaha Hadid

This NYT piece on Zaha Hadid could have done with a bit more research on the years she spent as a purely "theoretical" architect, and the sometimes controverisial work she finally built in recent years, but it's nice to see Zaha Hadid getting this praise. I remember not living far from her in London in the 1990s, how she despaired of ever actually building anything, and how she was probably the world's most famous Iraqi after Saddam.

Issandr El Amrani

Issandr El Amrani is a Cairo-based writer and consultant. His reporting and commentary on the Middle East and North Africa has appeared in The Economist, London Review of Books, Financial Times, The National, The Guardian, Time and other publications. He also publishes one of the longest-running blog in the region, www.arabist.net.