Lebanese resistance strikes in solidarity with Gaza

Amid continuous Israeli air raids and ground operations in Gaza that left scores of Palestinian civilians killed over the past couple of weeks, fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement, Hizbollah, have killed seven Israeli army soldiers (UPDATE 6pm Cairo Time: number rose to 8 soldiers killed, reports Al-Jazeera), detained two soldiers, and injured others, according to Al-Jazeera. Hizbollah says three of its fighters have been killed uptil now.
The Israelis have called up a division of 6000 troops to the borders, according to Al-Jazeera, some of which, as I'm blogging now, have crossed into the Lebanese borders, and heavy fighting is going on.
Hizbollah played a great role in the past in securing the release of Palestinian and Arab prisoners from Israeli jails, by operations similar to that one today.

UPDATE (5:30pm Cairo Time): Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah's secretary-general, is now giving a press conference on today's operations. He's saying the operation was launched in 9:05am. "The aim is not escalation in the Lebanese south," he is saying, stressing the aim of the resistance strikes are to liberate Lebanese and Arab prisoners in Israeli jails. Nasrallah also called up on Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq to halt their sectarian strife, and unite against the foreign occupiers of their country.