Al Jazeera journo shot in Israel

This just in:

Al Jazeera Crew Member Shot during Live Report

Doha, Qatar – July 19th 2006: Today, while an Al Jazeera crew was covering live the Israeli attack on Nablus in the West Bank, an Israeli military vehicle suddenly sped up towards Al Jazeera’s reporter, Jivara Al Budeiri, in an apparent attempt to interrupt the report. Al Jazeera’s technician Wael Tantous who was also part of her crew was subsequently shot and immediately rushed to hospital.

Since the start of the current war on Lebanon Al Jazeera crews have consistently been targeted by the Israeli authorities resulting in a constant hindrance and obstruction of their work.

Al Jazeera again emphatically expresses its strong denunciation and condemnation of this behaviour and reiterates its right to carry on its coverage with impartiality, objectivity and balance.
It's a press release from Al Jazeera, will follow up with anything else I see.

Issandr El Amrani

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