Mustafa al-Fiqi, pro-Hizbullah?

Watchers of Egyptian politics will appreciate this:
Just today, I watched an appearance by Mustafa Al-Faqi (chairperson of the Egyptian parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee). He spoke like a Hizbullah spokesperson. A Hizbullah guest on the show (Lebanese member of parliament Husayn Hajj Hasan who is such an ineffective propagandist for the party) noted that tone and that change, even from a few days ago.
Mustafa al-Fiqi? HA! Why is it that Egyptian politicians (although al-Fiqi, arguably the biggest cheater of last year's parliamentary elections, probably doesn't deserve to be called even a "politician") change what they say constantly depending on who they're talking to, even when their government has a pretty clear line it's following?

The rest of the post linked to above at the Angry Arab is his reasons why Israel miscalculated. Too soon to tell, as I'm not sure Israel's objectives are the ones it is stating publicly...