Mais quel con!

Is there a more disgusting public intellectual anywhere in the world than Bernard Henry-Levy? Disgusting not because of his political views, but because of his smarmy prose, his idées préconçues, his affection for brutal regimes such as Algeria's or Israel's? There is a two-page article by him, reporting from Israel, in which you he writes the usual mixture of neo-con diatribe against "Islamofascism" (he dares to make a comparison between the current war and the Spanish civil war, started 70 years ago this month), describes Sderot as a martyred town like Lebanon, makes facile descriptions of Hizbullah as an Iranian puppet (several times for emphasis), and compares Gilad Shalit to Daniel Pearl. But most criminal of all, surely, is how he waxes lyrical about how great Shimon Peres is. Shimon Peres! Shimon Peres!

As the Angry Arab put it recently, why do I do this to myself?