98 MB detainees to be released

The Muslim Brotherhood's official English website reported that State Security prosecutor ordered the release of 98 Muslim Brothers detainees. The detainees, however refused to pay the LE200 bail "set by the Prosecution to be paid by each detainees before being released, (MB lawyer 3abdel Mon3eim) Abdel Maqsoud deplored this attitude on the part of the prosecution enjoining the detainees to pay a bail while they should be compensated for the period they spent in detention without charges."
The Arabist was the first news outlet to publish the full list of MB detainees last Sunday, after obtaining it from the IkhwanWeb editors, Mr. El-Sa3id Ramadan and Mr. Khaled Salam. We are kindly asking them to update us with the names of those released.
We hope all the rest of the MB detainees would be free soon, together with our friends Sharqawi and Sha3er.