Link dump

Sweating out the truth in Iran - excellent op-ed by Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari on Hizbullah's relationship with Iran and hairy mullahs in saunas.

I was a propaganda intern in Iraq - interview with former Lincoln Group Baghdad intern Willem Marx, who planted US Army articles in the Iraqi press.

Key US legislator says will block aid to Lebanon - Top Israel supporter Tom Lantos doesn't want aid money to go to Lebanon, even though Israel itself says Lebanon should receive international aid to avoid collapse.

Accidental emigrant - Amira Hass on how a Jerusalem-born Palestinian man was permanently kept out of his country.

'Missing Israeli pilot' on film - Ron Arad, Israeli air force pilot who was shot down over Lebanon in 1986, may be alive.

Australian Muslim teen is a slur on Islam - Miss Australia contestant being hounded by imams. I'm with Sandmonkey on this one.

ADL Calls Amnesty International Report "Bigoted, Biased, And Borderline Anti-Semitic" - If the Anti-Defemation League says it, it must be true. Oh, and Abraham Foxman says Israel, not Lebanon, is the victim.

The Situation in Iraq - Gilbert Achcar on Iraq and the need for US troop withdrawal.

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