al-Hurra: reality check

I just got my satellite dish repaired and was surfing the channels. I came across Rob Satloff interviewing Dennis Ross about the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. So basically Satloff, head of the pro-Israel think tank WINEP, interviews Ross, former pro-Israel American diplomat who is spending his exile at... wait for it... WINEP. What channel was this? Al Hurra, where Satloff apparently has this show called "Dakhl Washington" (Inside Washington). Actually Satloff's Arabic surprised me, although the accent is grating. But who am I to talk?

Anyway, apparently this is what I've been missing from not watching al-Hurra: Israeli tools. Satloff is basically a professional lobbyist, which actually makes him more bearable than Ross, who has been spreading his extremely skewed vision of Oslo / Camp David II for years, sabotaging reasonable US policy along the way, while pretending to some kind of statesman status (he is also advising both Obama and Clinton - another reason to vote Edwards if you're a Democrat. Update: apparently Ross also advises Edwards. Oh well.) Apparently, the other regular feature on al-Hurra is Iraqi Shia propaganda, or so they say.

But really, everything that needs to be said about al-Hurra has already been said by Abu Aardvark.

Issandr El Amrani

Issandr El Amrani is a Cairo-based writer and consultant. His reporting and commentary on the Middle East and North Africa has appeared in The Economist, London Review of Books, Financial Times, The National, The Guardian, Time and other publications. He also publishes one of the longest-running blog in the region,