Ethnic cleansing, step by step

So Israel occupied the West Bank and then decides who can or can't build huts:

Israel razes Bedouin huts in West Bank
Wed Feb 14, 2:27 PM ET

HATHALEEN, West Bank - The Israeli army on Wednesday demolished seven huts and tents belonging to Bedouin Arabs who live near Jewish settlements in the southern West Bank, residents and the army said.

Several of the Palestinian men displaced by the demolition in the Hathaleen area southeast of Hebron scuffled with soldiers as the forces removed mattresses and other belongings from the homes before two bulldozers knocked them down.

Some of the women threw stones at the soldiers while others fell to the ground, sobbing.

Four Palestinians were detained by the soldiers, according to witnesses.

A total of 75 Palestinians were displaced by the demolition, residents said. The army said the structures did not have building permits and the Palestinians had been warned to take them down.

"We went to court to try to stop the demolitions but we didn't succeed," said resident Mahmud Abu Aram.

The army's Civil Administration, which issues demolition orders, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on why the huts were knocked down.
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