Online Censorship Suit

Hossam has linked to Judge Abd al-Fattah's lawsuit here. It's riddled with factual errors. More on that later. It's still not clear if this is going anywhere, but as commenters on Issandr's original post on the topic noted, we have early warning in this case, and we should take advantage of it. A list of the URLs the judge is asking the government to censor follows. Since a court has yet to rule on whether these are libelous, archiving them in Egypt may be risky. So people outside of Egypt who might be interested in hosting mirrors, here are the urls. They include the sites of some of the most prominent human rights organizations in Egypt:
The Web site of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (hrinfo)
The page of the Hisham Mubarak Center for Legal Aid, hosted on hrinfo's site
Web site of the Nur Center
The Web site of the Egyptian Inititative for Personal Rights
A typo leads to a 404 page, but it's named in the suit. The correct URL for the Hisham Mubarak Center is named above.
The Urban Center [lit. "Observatory"] for Human Rights
The Egyptian Center for Justice and Law
The page for the Nadim Center for Victims of Violence, hosted on hrinfo
The Egyptian Association Against Torture
A page from a blog concerned with human rights issues
From Kifaya's Web site
Blog that has campaigned for democracy, human rights, and respect for the environment
Purportedly the Web site of the Ghad Party's newspaper. Incidentally, this URL was inaccessible from Egypt March 14 using the ISP LINKdotNET.
The Egyptian Renaissance site
The Good News company's site, named as the owner of The Egyptian Renaissance, above.
Web site of the Nur Center
Shmasan News
Web site of the Iraqi News Agency
Blog post
Blog post
Blog post
The Egypt chapter of HRinfo's 2004 report on Internet censorship in the Middle East
HRinfo report on April-May 2006 crackdown
HRinfo report on Bahrain, Tunisia, and Egypt
Blog post