It's Islamofascism Awareness Day

Oh yes it is:

The campus project was planned by conservative writer and activist David Horowitz as a response to attempts last year by officials at Pace University to prevent a Jewish student group from hosting a screening of "Obsession" on the university's West-chester, N.Y., campus.

Mr. Horowitz, whose Terrorism Awareness Project is sponsoring tomorrow's events, said the use of the term "Islamofascism" is part of the educational mission of the "teach-ins" planned around the film showings.

"The most important thing is to make people recognize who the enemy is. People cringe when we use the word 'Islamofascism' because they haven't been prepared for it," he said in a telephone interview, adding that there are real similarities between Islamic extremism and the fascism of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. "It's not for nothing that the Iranian army goose-steps."

"Obsession" won best feature-film honors at the 2005 Liberty Film Festival. It has been widely praised by conservatives and broadcast on the Fox News Channel.

The movie made headlines when members of the Pace chapter of Hillel, a collegiate Jewish organization, said they were "intimidated" by university administrators after a campus Muslim group complained of Hillel's plan to show the documentary in November as part of Judaism Awareness Week.
Can't wait for Christianofascism and Judeofascism (better known as Zionism) Awareness days. Come to think of it, how about Shintofascism and Hindufascism Awareness?

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Issandr El Amrani

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