Israeli blockbuster: "The Band's Visit"

Egypt and Israel team up for award-winning film 'The Bands Visit':

Written and directed by Israeli filmmaker Eran Kolirin, "The Band's Visit" centers around the plight of the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra after it arrives in Israel to open an Arab Cultural Center, only to find itself stranded at the airport without a welcoming committee or place to stay. The band finds an unexpected sanctuary at a café that sits at the outskirts of a remote desert town. Before the night is over, both the Egyptian musicians and their Israeli hosts will have grown a little wiser about their respective cultural idiosyncra
This film won several awards in Israel's version of the Oscars. It sounds potentially funny -- I just hope it's not saccharine, especially as I am allergic to peace orchestras. In any case, one rarely hears about Israeli cinema -- the last thing I saw is the very moving (French-Israeli) film about a young Sudanese boy who pretends to be Falasha Jew to become a refugee in Israel: Va, Vis et Deviens. (Update: You can get it on Amazon France.)