CBS' 60 Minutes on Palestine

This has been much talked about in the last few days, and I have just caught up with it and watched it. The incredible, unprecedented thing about this documentary is that it takes the time to examine the living conditions of Palestinians, the nasty mindedness of the settler movement and Israel's policy of supporting it. All of this is public knowledge for those who care to look for it, the big deal here is that for those who don't care, just turned on the TV, are ill-informed, a US broadcaster has just shown a straight-up account of the occupation of Palestine that is not automatically followed by a "Israel says this, Palestinians say that" idiocy or a reaffirmation of "Israel's right to defend itself." So yes, it's a big deal.

Watch on the CBS website (can be difficult with low-speed internet), or YouTube (part 1, part 2) and then take the time to thanks CBS for having given the settlement issue a fair hearing.