Links for 07.06.09 to 07.07.09

Daily News Egypt - AUC Launches School Of Business, A First In The Region | School will teach taking over daddy's business, finding suitable spouse is less challenging academic departments for family business alliance, wasta 101.
Royalist politics in Morocco: The king’s friend | The Economist | On the rise of Fouad Ali al-Himma and his hostile takeover of Moroccan politics.
Atheo News: Belgian campaign forces financial group to cancel settlement loans | Another small victory towards BDS: "The Belgian-French financial group Dexia has announced it will no longer finance Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories through its Israeli branch, Dexia Israel. This is the result of a months-long campaign in Belgium, supported by non-governmental organizations, political parties, local authorities, trade unions and other organizations. Dexia's management has stated that financing Israeli settlements is indeed against the bank's code of ethics and thusly, it will stop giving loans for this activity."
Outsider Sir John Sawers appointed new head of MI6 - Times Online | More on John Sawers, new head of MI6 and HM's former ambassador to Cairo.
Egypt arrests al-Qaida cell - | Multi-national operation to target Israel-Egypt gas pipeline.
DC Comics' superheroes join forces with characters inspired by Allah |
World news |
The Guardian
| DC Comics (Batman, Superman) to team up with Kuwait's Teshkeel Comics ("The 99" - Islamic superheroes)