New blog: The Boursa Exchange

Here's a newish Cairo-based blog for you, The Boursa Exchange. The Boursa (stock exchange)is a great pedestrian area in the middle of Downtown Cairo, sandwiched between the Ministry of Awqaf and Kasr al-Nil St. It contains some great old buildings, the old stock exchange building and the Central Bank of Egypt, as well as some of Downtown's finest outdoors cafés. In the heyday of Kifaya some of these cafés were the top meeting points of the shebab, it really was quite a scene of angry young leftist activists/protesters.

The blog is about a range of issues, notably Arabic linguistics, and they have a regular feature that just started to translate an article from the Egyptian press a day - the first is about megapreacher Amr Khaled. Bookmark it.
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Issandr El Amrani

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