Links for 08.04.09 to 08.06.09

Iran is the problem, not settlements: US lawmaker
| Slimy Republican sings from Bibi's songbook.
Most Taliban fighters 'could switch' | From Windows to Mac?
Where Have All the Palestinian Moderates Gone? | Read this obscene article by Israel lobby stooge David Schenker (and many others like it from WINEP): it makes a compelling argument that people from this institution should never be regarded as serious analysts or scholars, but as propagandists. The guy talks about Fatah reserving the right to armed resistannce - i.e. self-defense from a brutal occupation - but never once mentions occupation.
Whither Fateh? | Palestine | On the inner rifts of the Palestinian faction - quite good.
Middle East Democracy (404 Not Found) | Priceless.
Al-Ahram Weekly | Focus | Business interests | Hossam Tammam on the Muslim Brothers' economic policy.