Links for 09.04.09 to 09.06.09

MEI Editor's Blog: Fun With Google Earth: Middle Eastern Airbase Recon | Middle Eastern airbases and Google Earth fun.
Middle East arms race deals will reach US$100 billion by 2014 - AL SHORFA | I'm always surprised by what comes up on this site, which is run (why? don't ask me) by CENTCOM. And what's with the name, referring to the family of the prophet?
Journalists interrogated over article on Moroccan king - Committee to Protect Journalists | "The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Moroccan authorities to end an investigation of two journalists who have already been interrogated for 40 hours over an article about the health of the king. Authorities have repeatedly pressed them to reveal their sources, according to their lawyer. Editor Ali Anouzla and journalist Bochra Daou of the independent daily Al-Jarida al-Oula ‎were detained on Tuesday and released Thursday night, the journalists' lawyer, Hassan Semlali‎, told CPJ. Semlali said the Rabat Prosecution Office accused them of publishing false news about King Mohamed VI's health in an August 27 article that reported he was ill with a virus."
Note the official story had been that he had suffered from a stomach bug and dehydration. There have been rumors lately that he is taking cortizone (hence the puffy look), which is often prescribed for respiratory troubles.
US citizen deported from Egypt - Yahoo! News | AP's Paul Schemm covers Travis Randall's unexplained deportation. This almost certainly has to do with his pro-Gaza activism, IMHO.
Affaire TelQuel (Suite) + Affaire Al Jarida Al Oula (New) - Comme une bouteille jetée à la mer! | Get the censored issue of Moroccan mag TelQuel via Larbi.