Links 22-24.Jan.2010

✪ Daily News Egypt - Blogger’s Prison Sentence Upheld | Egypt's top blogger, Wael Abbas, at risk of prison.
✪ Israel's controversial expansion of Ariel University in West Bank | It's not controversial, it's illegal.
✪ Why Mideast Envoy George Mitchell Should Resign | Stephen M. Walt | He was conned by Obama.
✪ Egypt mufti wants to put prayer ringtone on silent - Yahoo! News | And a good thing too.
✪ The Qaradawi Index | Marc Lynch | On the sheikh's influence.
✪ al-Masri al-Yum | This clever name for a recipe site by the TBE people has left me wondering how Arabist could hit back with its own clever cookery monicker.
✪ Analysis: Arabs, Jews don`t have equal rights to recover pre-1948 properties | No kidding.
U.S. Jew indicted as possible Israel spy - Haaretz | Yet another case of Israeli industrial espionage in the US — these companies should be banned.