Links 22-24.Jan.2010

✪ Daily News Egypt - Blogger’s Prison Sentence Upheld | Egypt's top blogger, Wael Abbas, at risk of prison.
✪ Israel's controversial expansion of Ariel University in West Bank | It's not controversial, it's illegal.
✪ Why Mideast Envoy George Mitchell Should Resign | Stephen M. Walt | He was conned by Obama.
✪ Egypt mufti wants to put prayer ringtone on silent - Yahoo! News | And a good thing too.
✪ The Qaradawi Index | Marc Lynch | On the sheikh's influence.
✪ al-Masri al-Yum | This clever name for a recipe site by the TBE people has left me wondering how Arabist could hit back with its own clever cookery monicker.
✪ Analysis: Arabs, Jews don`t have equal rights to recover pre-1948 properties | No kidding.
U.S. Jew indicted as possible Israel spy - Haaretz | Yet another case of Israeli industrial espionage in the US — these companies should be banned.


Issandr El Amrani

Issandr El Amrani is a Cairo-based writer and consultant. His reporting and commentary on the Middle East and North Africa has appeared in The Economist, London Review of Books, Financial Times, The National, The Guardian, Time and other publications. He also publishes one of the longest-running blog in the region,