Links 10 December 2010

Yesterday I linked to the blog Kim Jong Il Looking At Things and suggested a Middle Eastern version is necessary. And lo, reader Evan sends me Laugh In With Hosni. I am contributing the pic on the right - not sure when it was taken, perhaps during a fateful military parade in 1981? 

And special extra Mubarak pics gallery after the jump.

On that last link — one of the interesting things about the cable — an introduction to Mubarak for Obama — is that is says little about Mubarak's health, even though around that time many believed the Egyptian president had a small stroke. This is all it has say:

Mubarak is 81 years old and in reasonably good health; his most notable problem is a hearing deficit in his left ear.

I think that Obama got the message.


Issandr El Amrani

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