The Sinai floods

Sinai floods

Over the last two weeks severe floods killed several people in Sinai. Lina Attallah of al-Masri al-Youm has a slideshow up on Flickr of the damage. The paper also has a story that refugees from the floods were moved ahead of a visit by Suzanne Mubarak:

Victims of the torrential flooding that inundated the city of Arish two weeks ago in the northern Sinai Peninsula were forced by police to evacuate their makeshift tents during a visit Sunday by First Lady Suzanne Mubarak.

The media, meanwhile, was barred from covering the visit, while the road from the airport to municipality headquarters--where Mrs. Mubarak met with the governor of North Sinai--was closed completely.

"They left us here with no food or water," said Raqia, who lost her home to the recent floods.  "And now they want to move us out."