Links for April 10-15 2010

Did I forget the links again? Do read the first link, very nice local reporting on an issue that's long nagged at me: the barricades surrounding the US Embassy in Cairo's Garden City neighborhood, which is also where I live. The permanent barriers and checkpoints are really getting tiresome and have depressed this part of Central Cairo that should be vibrant. I am relatively unaffected since I don't drive, and can easily cycle (yes I am the one of the crazy khawagas who cycles across Cairo) past the barriers. But it's really rather bad for the neighborhood, increasing traffic density through small streets and blocking off a thoroughfare in Lazoghly St. It's just not very nice for local residents, who of course were never consulted in the process. Not to mention the image of America it gives: it looks like the second biggest embassy in the world, in a key regional ally, is in a Green Zone. And it's not only the Americans, the nearby Brits are to blame too (and perhaps, a little further off, the Canadians and Belgians too.)

Also, there's a new movie about Garden City that I'm dying to see.