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In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood Steps Up, but Role Is Uncertain - NYTimes.com


Q+A-Will other N.African states go way of Egypt and Tunisia? | News by Country | Reuters


Tunisia, Egypt and the protracted collapse of the American empire - Le Monde diplomatique - English edition


BBC News - Egypt crisis 'costing economy $310m a day'


Egypt creates $854 mln compensation fund  - Yahoo! News UK


Four killed in fights over gas cylinders, many injured in fights over bread | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today's News from Egypt


Egypt youth to announce formation of 25-person negotiating body, including Baradei, Zewail and Moussa - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online


Understanding revolutionary Egypt - An FP roundtable discussion | The Middle East Channel mideast.foreignpolicy.com

What do we do about Egypt now? | Stephen M. Walt


The Egyptian Military Calculus | The Middle East Channel



"We are the law, we are the state" - Cairo youths at neighborhood checkpoint Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English) www.aawsat.com

FT.com / Middle East & North Africa - Mubarak warned over European aid www.ft.com

FT.com / Middle East & North Africa - Egyptian army seen as riven by factionalism www.ft.com

M of A - From Dictator To Dictator - Obama's "Orderly Transition" www.moonofalabama.org

Where Egypt military's loyalties lie remains unclear www.washingtonpost.com

Facebook and YouTube Fuel the Egyptian Protests - NYTimes.com www.nytimes.com


Stability of Egypt Hinges on a Divided Military - NYTimes.com www.nytimes.com

Egypt's army instructed to help foreign media Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English) www.aawsat.com

Cairo protests:The west has a duty to nurture democracy | Observer editorial | Comment is free | The Observer www.guardian.co.uk

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