Links 25 May 2011

  • حملة لعودة وزارة الطيران المدني بدون لواءات قوات جوية  (68)
    FB group against military control of civil aviation, EgyptAir
  • Martin van Creveld: Israel Doesn’t Need the West Bank To Be Secure –
    The best refutation I've read of the claim that the 67 borders are "indefensible."
  • The IMF versus the Arab spring | Austin Mackell | Comment is free |
    But has IMF learned from 90s? RT @austingmackell: My piece on the #IMF and it's moves against #Jan25 and #Egyworkers:
  • Talkin’ Mid-East Politics | Town Square Delaware
    Greg Gause cuts through the BS.
  • FT - Tide of Tunisian migrants leads to tragedy
  • How democratic is Libya's opposition? | Ranj Alaaldin | Comment is free
  • Will the Saudis Kill the Arab Spring? - Bloomberg
    Vali Nasr says US on collision course with Saudi.
  • Yemen's Shia dilemma - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
    Nir Rosen.
  • Feeling the Ignorance at AIPAC 2011
    AIPAC supporters: idiots as well as assholes.
  • The Associated Press: FACT CHECK: Netanyahu speech ignores rival claims
    Fact Checking Netanyahu's speech before US Congress
  • LRB · Safa Al Ahmad · Diary
    From eastern Saudi Arabia (subs).
  • Beirut Graffiti « LRB blog
  • One Last Time
    Good post by Sandmonkey on Egypt take part in #May27. He gets the details of Algeria's FIS wrong though, more complicated than that.
  • Piggipedia – SS Colonel Hisham el-Khateeb
    Police musical chairs in Alex.