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The February 20 movement continues to challenge the monarchy in Morocco, on the eve of the unveiling of a royal commission's proposal for constitutional reform. Adl wal Ihsan, the country's largest Islamist movement and a key supporter of the reform movement, has called for a civil state (rather than a religious one) as the regime launches a campaign to tar February 20 has having been taken over by Islamist and leftist radicals. Rachid Nini, Morocco's most influential journalist, is sentenced to a year in prison, while the police begins to crack down on protestors, killing one last week. This and more in the links below, and analysis of Morocco will come at some later point. Do check out of the first link, which is an interactive website to debate, article by article, the constitution — it's a great model to follow and someone in Egypt should do the same.

  • Pour un debat sur la reforme de la constitution
  • AFP: Morocco's Islamists say not pushing for religious state
  • Le 20 février, mieux pour le foot?
  • Al Adl wa Alihsane et le 20 février
  • Une conjoncture politique délicate
  • Old Makhzen Never Dies « The Moorish Wanderer
  • Appel "Mamfakinch" pour "un référendum démocratique" - Comme une bouteille jetée à la mer!
  • 1 an de prison pour Rachid Nini : l'échec de toute une époque.
  • A Martyr in Morocco - By Betwa Sharma | Foreign Policy
  • 20 février. Al Adl wal Ihassane dit (presque) tout
  • Laenser et Benkirane : «le projet de constitution répond aux aspirations de la rue»

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