Links 10 July 2011

I have two new columns out, reflecting on my recent trip to Morocco: this one in The National looks at the February 20 movement, and this one in al-Masri al-Youm at how the successes and failures of each Arab uprising influences the others. 

I also filed this piece of reporting for the FT yesterday, on the continuing protests in Egypt and the latest developments in Suez, where protestors are threatening to block the Suez Canal. Last night, visiting friends who are camping out in Tahrir Square, the talk was all about Suez and several activists are heading there today. It's one to watch, because the army will intervene forcefully to stop them from doing anything to the canal (and probably with public support, since it's one of Egypt's main source of hard currency). And do read the excellent report from Suez by McClatchy below.

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