Voter poll in Egypt

Here are the results of a poll of 1200 likely voters by the national Al Ahram newspaper:

1. Amr Moussa, former head of the Arab League: 31.5% 

2. Salafi sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail: 22.7%

3. Mubarak-appointed (and short-lived) interim prime minister Ahmad Shafiq: 10.2%

4. Mubarak intelligence chief Omar Suleiman (who has not officially announced his candidacy): 9.3%

5. Former Brotherhood leader and Islamist moderate Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh: 8.3%

6. Leftist opposition figure Hamdeen Sabahi: 4.9%

Of course these results have probably already been changed significantly by the entrance into the field of Muslim Brotherhood leader and candidate Khairat El Shater. The poll also notes that 94.5% of respondents said they planned to vote. 

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Ursula Lindsey

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