Meanwhile in Juba...

A former Cairene friend writes from South Sudan:
I'm pretty sure I just recognized a (current? former?) Amn al-Dawla [State Security] officer eating lunch at one of the fanciest hotels in Juba (which is not saying much). He was talking to an older fat man about a whore. I relayed this information to the friend I was having lunch with, who said, "There are a lot of them here." Me: "A lot of foreign secret police, or a lot of whores?" Him: "Both."
I can't speak about the prostitution situation, but it's pretty established that Juba has been awash in Egyptian mukhabarat since the Egyptians, two or three years ago, made their peace with the inevitability of secession in Sudan. No doubt it's still a good place to assign officers whose faces are too recognizable at home.