One of the great initiatives to come out of the Egyptian uprising — here's their latest news.
The Mosireen Collective - a group of revolutionary film-makers and activists in Cairo - currently hosts the world's most extensive archive of footage of the Egyptian Revolution. With over 1000 hours of footage filmed by 115 film-makers, activists and revolutionaries every major event is covered. Mosireen's coverage of the revolution has amassed 3.5 million views on YouTube and is regularly featured on national and international news channels. 
We are pleased to announce today the appointment of a part-time staff member to further systematise the archive and to assist news organizations with footage requests. 
We work to link citizen journalists with major news oulets they would not otherwise have access to. All footage we handle has a licensing arrangement in place with the rightsholder. 
Footage is sold on a sliding scale depending on it's final usage. Footage is often available free of charge to artists and activists. 
It's not just great that this footage is available and being inventoried to document the abuses of the era of SCAF (direct) rule, but also to see this kind of content-sharing initiative taking ground. Good luck to them.
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Issandr El Amrani

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