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This is a bit lazy, but here is a series of links on Syria that I never got around developing into a post. It has a bunch of French links because I was wondering what François Hollande is playing at when he says France will recognize a Syrian government in exile if one is formed: what consensus exists to form one? And why after spending so much time distancing himself from Sarkozy is he talking about repeating the Libyan model that France pioneered, when it very suddenly recognized the Benghazi rebels as the legitimate government of Libya, which was a major push in the international diplomacy over Libya?

Here are the remains of the day:

  • Syrie : pas d'intervention !
  • Syrian opposition plans 'The Day After' in Berlin | World | DW.DE | 28.08.2012
  • Le Figaro - International : Syrie : Hollande veut un gouvernement provisoire
  • Le Figaro - Flash Actu : Hollande n'exclut pas d'intervenir en Syrie
  • President Hollande calls on Syrian opposition to form govt, says France would recognize it |
  • Syrian Army Drops Leaflets Over Damascus |
  • Le Figaro - International : Syrie : Hollande veut un gouvernement provisoire
  • Le Figaro - International : L'opposition syrienne planche sur l'après-Bachar el-Assad
  • Syria’s rebels: More than they can chew | The Economist
  • François Hollande calls on Syrian rebels to form provisional government | World news | The Guardian
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