The sheer gall of Dick Cheney

The sheer gall of Dick Cheney

From a NYT piece on how the embassy riots are effecting the US electoral debate:

In recent days, Republican critics like former Vice President Dick Cheney have opened up a new line of attack by accusing Mr. Obama of not paying enough attention to intelligence briefings. Mr. Obama receives the briefing in writing every day, but does not always sit down for an oral presentation, as President George W. Bush did. “The hubris of a president who believes he does not need to meet regularly with them is astounding,” Marc Thiessen, a former speechwriter for Mr. Bush, wrote in The Washington Post.

The amazing balls former Bush administration officials have about the president not reading intelligence memos. How about the ones they decided to ignore on an impending attack on the US by al-Qaeda or the absence of a WMD weapons program in Iraq?

A century from now, American historians just won't understand why these people were not impeached and put on trial. 


Issandr El Amrani

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