Isolationism is the future!

Some stats from Foreign Policy in the New Millennium [PDF], by Chicago Council Surveys, suggest a growing distaste for hyperactive, omni-present US foreign policy by under-40s in general:

Voila Capture27

The Bush-Obama generation wants no more foreign adventurism, it seems. Yet it does not want the Clinton-Bush (and really also partly Obama, at least on ICC and climate change) anti-multilateralism, either:

Voila Capture30

It seems that dogmatic ideas about not talking to certain groups are also not particularly popular with the public:

Voila Capture29

Speaking of Islamist groups, they appear to be no longer such boogeymen for the young:

Voila Capture28

Obama may be pivoting away from the Middle East to East Asia, but that's certainly not where threat perception is:

Voila Capture31

Even so, it's heartening to see there is no great appetite for being Middle East policeman anymore:

Voila Capture33

And likewise heartening that there's no great appetite for aid to Egypt (and hopefully aid to elsewhere, too):

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Issandr El Amrani

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