Genre-defying Egyptian electric guitarist extraordinaire Omar Khorshid (get, if you can find it, the excellent antholohy used by Sublime Sounds) covers Gershon Kingsley's Popcorn - a tune I for some reason associate with Moroccan state television in the 1980s, perhaps because it was being used as a jingle. It has been overplayed of course and sounds cheesy (it was meant to be, in any case) but I have a fondness for this tune. I wonder if Khorshid was aware that Kingsley's music (although I'm not sure in this case) often used Yiddish folk tunes for its melodies. But then again most people associate this tune with early Jean-Michel Jarre but he played it later and included it in Oxygene IV) who did purify it from the original.

[Thanks, MR]