Links 9-16 May 2013

  • The Islamists' paradox: Inclusion and moderation - Ahram Online
    Khalil Anani takes on MB academic literature.
  • Moxie Marlinspike >> A Saudi Arabia Telecom's Surveillance Pitch
    Saudi wants to monitor Twitter, Viber, etc.
  • Egypt's Judiciary Between A Tea Ceremony And The WWE - By Nathan J. Brown and Mokhtar Awad | The Middle East Channel
  • Why restoring the old paradigm in Egypt is not enough -
    Ashraf Sewelam of the rentier state in Egypt.
  • Inclusion and Resilience
    Wolrd Bank report on social safety nets in MENA
  • What Obama Gets and Neocons and Liberal Hawks Don't | Stephen M. Walt
    "the greatest risk we face as a nation are self-inflicted wounds like the Iraq and Afghan wars"
  • zamaaan - your passport to the past
    Lovely archive of historical Arab world pics.
  • Boston Globe Backs Stephen Hawking on Boycott of Israeli Conference «
  • Guarding Nile City Bringing Riches to Egyptian Commandos - Bloomberg
  • Tunisia cracks down on Ansar al-sharia militants after clashes -
  • Brian's Coffeehouse: Iran's Registered Candidates
  • A clarification: What international human rights activists really do
    More from Scott Long on HRW "selling Mona Seif down the river"
  • Fault Lines of the Revolution: Political Actors, Camps and Conflicts in the New Libya
  • Intervene With Western Aid -
    On Syria.
  • 9 Detained in Bombings on Turkey Border With Syria -
    Tied to Assad regime.
  • Egypt Arrests 3 in Plot to Attack Cities and an Embassy -
    US embassy targteted, Egypt now under AQIM?
  • Egypt Investment Drops as Citizens Turn Into Vigilantes - Businessweek
    Grim story
  • Libya Militias Flee as Pro-Government Crowds End Siege - Bloomberg
  • History of Arabic Type Evolution from the 1930′s till present. | 29LT BLOG | Arabic Type Designer | Arabic Fonts | Arabic Typography & Graphic Design | Pascal Zoghbi
  • Perestroika at the Brotherhood | Islamists Today
    The always fascinating Khalil al-Anani on MB internal reform.
  • MEI Editor's Blog: For the Royalty Buffs: Son of Last King of Egypt Engaged to Granddaughter of Last King of Afghanistan
  • Le “petit juge” islamique et le gros compte Twitter : al-Arifi vs al-Ghaith | Culture et politique arabes
    Islamist twitter wars
  • Islamists Rely on TV Sheiks to Woo the Masses in Egypt -
  • Alep, de guerre lasse… Récit d’une visite en Syrie | Un oeil sur la Syrie
  • The Questionable Campaign Behind Libya’s Political Isolation Law | Atlantic Council
  • Hillel Neuer: Liar. Mona Seif: Hero. | a paper bird
    HRW, the Israel Lobby and @monasosh
  • bnarchives - Food Price Inflation as Redistribution: Towards a New Analysis of Corporate Power in the World Food System (Preprint)
  • Cairo Review
    New issue of Cairo Review of Global Affairs, focused on refugees in the Middle East.
  • The Battle over Egypt’s Judiciary - Sada
    Nathan Brown