Links 17-26 May 2013

  • The Al Jazeera Revolution - Newsweek
    On AJ Amreeka
  • The Terrorist Threat from Syria | RAND
    Seth Jones' testimony to Congress on Jubha al-Nusra.
  • The Islamist Rift Within Egypt | Atlantic Council
  • Can the ‘Rebel’ Campaign Bring Down Morsi? | Atlantic Council
    No, but...
  • ElBaradei calls for early elections should Morsy fail to deliver change|
    Even ElBaradei says they will participate in elex, calls for two broad coalitions, liberal and left.
  • Are you a liberal imperialist? | Stephen M. Walt
  • La Tunisie s'attaque aux ennemis de l'État
    Ennahda is getting this right, finally.
  • Thirty Hezbollah fighters killed in Syrian town: activists | Reuters
    In Qusayr.
  • Christians Flee from Radical Rebels in Syria - SPIEGEL ONLINE
  • Govt 'will not be blackmailed' over kidnapped soldiers: Egypt's Morsi - Ahram Online
  • En Tunisie, les islamistes se déchirent
    Ennahda finally takes on Salafis.
  • Joseph Massad: an Occidentalist's Other Subjects/Victims | The Arab Leftist منبر العربي اليساري
    A long critique.
  • MEI Arab Transitions Project | Middle East Institute
    New site focused on post-uprisings politics.
  • Salafist group clashes with police in Tunisia - Al Jazeera English
  • Poll Shows Muslim Brotherhood Maintaining Support Despite Egypt’s Travails - Middle East Real Time - WSJ
    Pew poll shows MB support still strong amidst general unhappiness.
  • Will Egypt Go Bankrupt? | Atlantic Council
    Back-of-envelope calculation shows Morsi has bought time, perhaps till next year.
  • How Qatar seized control of the Syrian revolution -
    Rather worrying if it is "in control"
  • Catastrophic thinking: Did Ben-Gurion try to rewrite history? - Magazine | Haaretz
  • Hints of political change on horizon in Algeria
    "The Arab Spring may finally be en route to Algeria."
  • Il y a dix ans, le 16 mai | Ibn Kafka's obiter dicta - divagations d'un juriste marocain en liberté surveillée
  • Do the Massacres in Bayda and Banyas Portend Ethnic Cleansing to Create an Alawite State? - Syria Comment
  • U.N. Calls for Political Transition in Syria -
  • Grisly Killings in Syrian Towns Dim Hopes for Peace Talks -
  • How Do You Say 'Quagmire' in Farsi? - By Thanassis Cambanis | Foreign Policy
    Smart take, worrying for Syria.
  • Confronting Tunisia's Jihadists - The Middle East Channel
    Roundup of links and analysis by Andrew Lebovich.