Links 6-15 July 2013

  • Egyptian Liberals Embrace the Military, Brooking No Dissent -
  • Syrian refugees living in Egypt get swept up by turmoil following Morsi's ouster | Fox News
  • No Jasmine Tea for the Square
    Good piece by Wael Gamal.
  • Sectarian incitement and attacks, 30 June to 9 July, 2013 | Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights
  • Electoral Politics Under Tunisia’s New Constitution
    Atlantic Council Report by Duncan Pickard (PDF)
  • Muslim Brotherhood's fall divides Islamists in Egypt - The National
  • Egypt now needs truth, reconciliation and no rush to the ballot box | Magdi Abdelhadi
    Unfortunately none of this is happening.
  • Egypt: Can Interim Prime Minister Reverse Economy’s Free Fall? |
    Ashraf Khalil
  • Why Egypt’s economy will recover | The A-List
    Erian being optimistic.
  • Inside look at the internal strife over Al Jazeera America | Glenn Greenwald
    Here we go again.
  • The Struggle for Egypt » CounterPunch
    Joseph Massad - has of errors and omissions
  • Egypt: Liberal Hypocrisy No Laughing Matter
    Reza Pankhurst
  • Egyptians try to define religion’s place in politics | THE DAILY STAR
    Maria Golia
  • Whither Egypt's Democracy? | MERIP
    Ahmad Shokr.
  • It Is Not 1954 | salamamoussa
    Excellent points.
  • Egypt's Kazeboon: Countering State Narrative | Middle East Institute
  • Special Report: Mursi's downfall | Reuters
    Some great reporting here.
  • Commentary: Cut Aid to Egypt's Military | The National Interest
    Zack Gold.
  • Al-Manial’s Tragedy in Photos
    Jonathan Rashad.
  • A Cairo Conspiracy - The Daily Beast
    Ret. mil. officers helped Tamarrod, this says.
  • Egypt's media embrace military after Morsi ouster - Yahoo! News
  • Egypt welcomes U.S. remarks on Mursi; food stocks dwindle | Reuters
    Why didn't US say Morsi not democratic before?
  • Egypt Calls for New Look at Morsi Prison Escape in 2011 - NYT
    I find this ridiculous.
  • And Then There Was Sinai - Sada
  • Islam, Egypt and political theory: Échec mate | The Economist
    Olivier Roy vindicated?
  • Egypt authorities scrutinise Muslim Brotherhood businesses -
  • Is The Military Good For Egypt’s Economy? | REBEL ECONOMY
    Many say yes - forgetting Egypt's lackluster growth in previous 70 years.
  • Snowden deserves an immediate presidential pardon -
    Stephen Walt
  • Egypt's divide turns brother against brother
  • Report shows that most Egyptians oppose Morsi's removal
  • Study examines the same-sex relationships of Medieval Arab Women
  • Another Egyptian Constitutional Declaration - By Zaid Al-Ali | The Middle East Channel
  • Sudden Improvements in Egypt Suggest a Campaign to Undermine Morsi
    Great story by @nytben
  • What Algeria 1992 can, and cannot, teach us about Egypt 2013 | openDemocracy
  • Analysis: Why was Tamarod successful? | Egypt Independent
  • New Islamic satellite channels to air
    In Egypt - Azhar trend mostly.
  • Cairo's Charm Offensive - by Evan Hill | Foreign Policy
  • After Morsi’s Ouster, Egypt’s Path to National Unity Threatened by Worsening Violence, Divisions | Democracy Now!
  • Hamas calls on Egypt to reopen Rafah crossing | JPost
  • Hammonda. » Street politics and manipulation in Egypt
  • Egypt’s Military is Waiting for the Worst - The Daily Beast
  • Video Shows Street Violence in Egypt -
  • Shooting of pro-Mursi protesters deepens Egypt crisis | Reuters
  • Egypt’s New Leaders Press Media to Muzzle Dissent -
  • The 10 best Arab films
    Guardian short-list
  • The Jihadi “We Told You So” Moment - Middle East Real Time - WSJ
  • Ministry may dissolve "NGO" Muslim Brotherhood | Egypt Independent
  • Prosecutor issues arrest warrant for Al Jazeera director | Egypt Independent
  • Closure of Islamist media channels and arrest of some of its staff: clear violation of media freedom | Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies
  • Al-Zawahiri calls for "victims and sacrifices" - Daily News Egypt
  • With Morsi’s Ouster, Time for a new US Policy Towards Egypt | Atlantic Council
  • Egypt is 'stable', Sisi tells Saudi king
    Abdullah was among first to congratulate new president Mansour.
  • Islam, democracy and soldiers: Egypt’s tragedy | The Economist
    Good op-ed.
  • Military Reasserts Its Allegiance to Its Privileges -
  • Egypt Coup: Mohamed Morsi Out, Muslim Brotherhood in Disarray | New Republic
    Nathan Brown
  • AP News: AP Analysis: Morsi's fall a blow to Islamists
  • How Egypt’s military pulled the plug on Morsi’s regime | The World
  • Egypt’s ‘deep state’ accused of whipping up anti-Morsi feeling -
    Good piece.
  • The Egyptian army acted to limit the revolution, not to lead it | International Socialist Group
    A Marxist take with a nice quote from St. Just
  • Interview with Cairo-Based Journalist, Ahmad Shokr, about the Political Dynamics in Egypt
  • When is a coup not a coup? Obama faces tricky call in Egypt | Reuters
  • Redoing the Egyptian Revolution | Foreign Affairs
    Nathan Brown
  • Obama avoids calling Morsi ouster a ‘coup’ -
    As in 2011.
  • Egypt’s Military Ousts President Morsi, Angering His Islamist Supporters |
  • Op-ed: Full FB post by Essam El Haddad : EgyptMonocle
  • Down with Military Rule…Again?
    Hesham Sallam
  • Obama's Crisis of Competence -
  • Why Tunisia Constitution is Groundbreaking in the Arab World | @pritheworld
  • Commentary: The Saudi-Qatari Clash Over Syria | The National Interest
  • Sources: Brotherhood asked PM, group-affiliated ministers to quit | Egypt Independent