Links 16-22 July 2013

  • Sleep-Away Camp for Postmodern Cowboys -
    Must-read surrealism.
  • Egypt Revolutionary Socialist position on Egypt's recent coup -
    I love that RS are getting a platform in a US paper!
  • Cashing In After The Coup - By Shana Marshall | The Middle East Channel
  • Resurgent nationalism | Mada Masr
    On the absolutely dismal Egyptian TV
  • Baheyya: Egypt The Middling Muslim Brothers
  • In Egypt, the 'Deep State' Rises Again -
  • What Future for Israel? by Nathan Thrall | The New York Review of Books
  • Insight: Mursi's overthrow rattles Egypt's Islamists in their heartland
    Reporting from Assiut
  • World Bank says received no payments from Iran in six months | Reuters
  • Sexual Violence in Egypt: Myths and Realities
    Mariam Kirollos
  • Pakistan's Example of the Way Forward in Egypt - WINEP
  • Because US-Pak relations are such an inspiring example...
  • Omar Ashour: Disarming Egypt’s Militarized State - Your Middle East
    Bizarre idea of Obama as mediator/guarantor.
  • Amnesty International on crackdown against MB (PDF)
  • Egypt's Brotherhood absorbs blows, faces return to shadows | Reuters
  • U.S. suggests Egyptian military may have averted civil war | Egypt Independent
    US picking up army talking points just as it did MB ones before.
  • Egypt’s Wide State Reassembles Itself - By Nathan J. Brown | The Middle East Channel
  • Determined Mursi supporters plan rallies across Egypt
    Scant details on MB proposal for negotiations.
  • Peter Hessler: Winners and Losers in Egypt’s Ongoing Revolution : The New Yorker
    Subscription only, alas. Good piece.
  • Arabs are rebelling because they want capitalism. Why can't the West see it? » The Spectator
    De Soto - some insight on legality beyond stupid headline.
  • Un “coup” à la tête du ministère de la Culture en Egypte | Culture et politique arabes
  • On the Confusion of the Present Moment
    Dina Khawaga
  • Syrian Refugees Suddenly Less Welcome in Post-Morsi Egypt | @pritheworld
  • The Drone That Killed My Grandson -
  • Behind Egypt's coup, months of acrimony between Morsi and top general over Sinai, policies | Fox News
  • IPS – WHO’s Iraq Birth Defect Study Omits Causation | Inter Press Service
    Report will ignore role of depleted uranium.
  • Analysis: New Egypt government may promote welfare, not economic reform | Reuters
  • Egypt coup: the military has not just ousted Morsi. It has ousted democracy | Fawaz Gerges | The Guardian
  • What Next for the Muslim Brotherhood? - Al-Monitor
    Bassem Sabry.
  • Arab Economies Ignored | REBEL ECONOMY
    Good info on Egypt's challenges ahead.
  • Premature Obituaries for Political Islam - By Fawaz A. Gerges | The Middle East Channel
  • Egypt in a state of turmoil - Ahram Online
    Ibrahim Houdaiby on the MB need for self-examination.
  • Algeria’s Islamist Parties Agree To Back Single Candidate - Al-Monitor
  • Tamarrod et son génie | Culture et politique arabes
  • Baheyya: : Military Tutelage, Egyptian-Style
  • The Brotherhood Revives Its Mehna Narrative - By Khalil al-Anani | The Middle East Channel
  • International Boulevard - Exactly How Many Millions Were We, My General?
    Interesting calculations.
  • Bullish Gulf petrostates send messages for tolerance in Egypt -
    Good look at UAE moves.
  • Still Wrong About Egypt—and Wrong About the World | Via Meadia
    "Less study of the fine print of the Egyptian constitution, more concern about a strategically important country headed over Niagara Falls in a bucket, please."
  • Egypt Shows How Political Islam Is at Odds With Democracy - NYTimes.comA fine example of how good writers blinded by ideological hatred turn bad.
  • Exclusive: Egypt's 'road not taken' could have saved Mursi
    On Bernardino Leon's mediation.