Links 9-12 August 2013

  • Mourad Mowafy: Too early to consider presidential run | Mada Masr
    So it begins...
  • Marx’s Lesson for the Muslim Brothers -
    Linkin' not likin'
  • Peace talks: The perfect alibi for settlement expansion | +972 Magazine
  • Une première : Un député boycotte la cérémonie d'allégeance au roi.
  • MP refuses to kneel before king, saying he kneels before God only.
  • La justice espagnole accuse des responsables du Polisario de crimes contre l’humanité
  • Sahara : Ramid ordonne l'ouverture d'une enquête sur les allégations de torture contre des sahraouis pro-polisario
  • hawgblawg: On Bob Azzam's "Mustapha" (a.k.a. "Ya Mustapha")
    A great read by Ted Swedenburg
  • Baheyya: Egypt Analysis and Whimsy بهيّة: Fetishizing the State
  • Cairobserver — Imbaba gets countryside-themed park and more
  • Egyptian Chronicles: And The witch hunt against #Elbaradei is on once again
    "If there is no ElBaradei in the picture , it will be another third world country coup."
  • The Language of Anti-Shiism - By Fanar Haddad | The Middle East Channel
  • Libya's Most Vulnerable | The Majalla Magazine
    On minority rights and the new constitution
  • Lawless Sinai Shows Risks Rising in Fractured Egypt -
    Good piece by Robert Worth.
  • Egypt on the Edge -
  • Arabs and atheism
    Whitaker, with a call-out to Arab atheists who want to share their experience.
  • Brotherhood Document Blames Israel, Iran, Gulf for Egypt Coup - Al-Monitor
    Intellectual poverty of document may be best explanation of MB failure, though…
  • Egypt's coup has crushed all the freedoms won in the revolution | The Guardian
    Tawakkol Karman.
  • Egypt’s Islamists Turn Violent - By Bel Trew | Foreign Policy