Links 4-8 August 2013

  • Constitutionally Imbalanced - Sada
    Maati Monji on Morocco's institutions.
  • Les enseignements de l’affaire « Danielgate »
    Abdalla Tourabi
  • Libya's greatest security threat: its porous southern border -
  • Egypt Coup Causes Rift Inside Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood - Al-Monitor
  • Baheyya: Public Service Announcement
    On police propaganda in Egypt
  • Egypt Christians on the defensive as Islamists wage hate campaign in south - CBS News
  • A Failure of Strategy in the Sahel - Room for Debate -
    Nasser Weddady
  • Analysis: Tunisia eyes 'Egypt scenario' after assembly freeze | Reuters
  • Wadjda and the Saudi women fighting oppression from within | Rachel Shabi | Comment is free |
  • Pierre Loti, l’exotique | Le Magazine Littéraire
    Exhibition at Quai Branly.
  • Presidency outlines constitutional committee selection criteria | Mada Masr
  • Arab Islamists, from Opposition to Power: A Critical Appraisal
    By Khalil al-Anani [PDF]
  • In Tense Egypt, Bodies Are Surfacing Near Protests
    Evidence of torture and murder in Islamist protests
  • Islamist Groups Must Stop Inciting to Sectarian Violence | EIPR
    NGO blames police for not protecting Christians
  • Opinion: Brotherhood, wake up | Egypt Independent
    Strong column from former deputy MB guide Mohammed Habib.
  • Egypt Bristles As US Pols Urge Freeing Prisoners : NPR
    Why send senators into a delicate situation that requires a soft approach?
  • Egypt’s Economy of Dependence -
    As this argues, the coup deepens Gulf power over Egypt.
  • From the Potomac to the Euphrates » Lights Out for Al-Nour?
    Cook argues Nour too centrist, to me real issue is coming battle on constitution.
  • Ennahda and the Challenge of Power - Sada
  • Brotherhood second-in-command refuses meeting with foreign mediators - Ahram Online
    Suspicious about this story.