Overheard in Cairo

Why Good Girls Shouldn't Travel On Their Own

Girl 1: Oh! So how long will you be studying abroad?

Girl 2: 5 years

Girl 1: Wow! FIVE YEARS! that's too much

Girl 2: Well, it's a PhD... you should apply too

Girl 1: Umm, I don't know, i don't think my dad will approve of me travelling abroad on my own for so long

Girl 2: why?

Girl 1: You know, because of what people would say

Girl 2: what would people say?!!

Girl 1: You know, that "this is a girl who has been all on her own for so long"... "God knows what she has been doing out there"... you know stuff like that...

Girl 2 (offended): Well only narrow and dirty minded people would think that way and i don't think any sensible person should listen to them

Girl 1: I agree, but rumors of the sort can really affect one's chances of getting married and that is why my dad won't agree

Girl 2: Well, you don't want to get married to a backward narrow minded retard, do you?