So the new year is here and I would have loved to receive it with happiness and optimism but the Gaza events have taken away the joy that comes with new beginnings. Of course this did not stop me from wishing for a year with no wars, injustice, famine, drought or plague for anyone anywhere in the world. It also did not stop me from making new year resolutions one of which is to get back to blogging.

I am now blogging from a different city in a different part of the world and with very different daily experiences so I am not sure where my blog is heading... we'll see, I'll just take it one post at a time.

Below are pictures I have taken during last Monday's (29Dec) Adalah-NY demonstrations against the genocide being committed by Israelis in Gaza to this very minute. The pictures are slightly out of focus because I took them with my cell phone while walking (still learning to handle cameras) but they should give an idea of what it was like. There were around 300 people in the demo and we marched from Herald square to the Israeli consulate:

I have also taken a couple of very short videos here: