Manhattan Protesters March Against Gaza War

Yesterday's demo was ten times bigger:
Thousands poured into city streets Saturday in protest of the Israeli assault in Gaza.

Even the cold temperatures couldn't turn the massive group away as their anger and frustration over the hundreds of Palestinians killed so far brought them out for another day of demonstrations.

"We want the attacks to stop on gaza because gaza people are not animals," said one protester.

"It's just sad, like David versus and Goliath, we throw a rock and they throw a bomb, it's not fair," said another protester.

"Everyone has a right to live, not just Israelis, Palestinians also have a right to live," said another protester.

The fight for that right sparked one of the largest turnout of protesters since the conflict started a week ago.

After meeting in Times Square armed with signs, Palestinian flags, and bullhorns, the crowd then marched to the Israeli Consulate on 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue where masses of people stretched for blocks.