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Links 13-14 August 2012

I know I recently said I would only do link dumps once a week since I introduced the new short posts, but there is so much to link to. 

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Links 5-12 August 2012
Not many as much of this week was spent offline. Note also that this week I also implemented short posts (in the linked list style found on tech blogs) where I make a few remarks on links. From now on there will be a mix of these links-posts and a weekly or so linkdump. Perhaps next time I will also add a "this week on the blog" catch-up list to these link dumps. And remember everything below (and more) is first linked to on Twitter.
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Links 1-4 August 2012
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Links 18-30 July 2012

The blog will be on holiday mode for the next month or so — due to the arrival a week ago of our son, who is keeping is busy and rapt with wonder, and that we are actually on a break. Here are the links of the last two weeks, with a big gap in the last week in particular.

Links 14-17 July 2012

Still taking suggestions for the link dumps for another round.

Links 9-13 July 2012

Please do continue to leave suggestions on how to improve the links list (presentation, frequency, etc.), I am listening.

Links 1-8 July 2012

I am taking suggestions on how to improve the links list — frequency, content, separate sections, etc. Let me know in the comments.

Links 24-30 June 2012

Slow week as I was traveling and then recovering from traveling.


Links 18-23 June 2012


On the road and neglecting posting the links. Remember you can always see my links (and more stuff that's not posted here) on my Twitter timeline, or the last few dozen on the links section of the site.


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Links 7-10 June 2012




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Links 4-6 June 2012

Before the usual links, a big thanks fo Cairobserver, which not only has a wonderful website but also recently came out with a spiffy print edition. Check out this excellent post on cinema and cultural production in Egypt: The Arab Republic of Delete.

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Links 26 May - 3 June 2012
Long overdue link dump. 
Links 21-25 May 2012

Egypt presidential elections heavy...

Links May 13-20 2012

Getting back to blogging...